Well that's the way it goes I guess...My big bang is a big flop.
I've had too much happen in my personal life to be able to write it. My beloved cat of 19 years passed away, I've been very sick, my fiance has been very sick, he lost his job and on top of all of that my wedding is in October and I'm trying to plan it on just my salary.
Basically my life is crap right now and I can't focus worth a damn. I'm hoping I can finish it and post it sometime at the end of summer.

From: [identity profile] jennygeee.livejournal.com

I'm so sorry things have been so difficult for you.

Whilst I'm disappointed that you won't be finishing your fic yet, I can totally understand why. I'm looking forward to you completing it soon though.

big hugs and I hope you and your fiance are better now and that he finds another job soon.


From: [identity profile] spankedbyspike.livejournal.com

Hey, it's only a fic. You can finish it anytime dust settles...

I hope you and your fiancee will both get some time off, in peace to nurse yourself back to health (that's the most important things) and then that with some positive outlook, things will soon get better for the both of you.

It might make planning for the wedding more creative but also more unique. And who knows maybe someone you know will know someone else that can employ your fiancee?

Keep my fingers crossed for you!


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