I'm still here...if anyone remembers this post from last month...we are still living in the same place, budgeted to the last penny and I am saving everything I can to pay for internet as my only expense. It sucks, it's hard and we are getting no help from anyone.

My dad can't help us because he is retired and doesn't have much money...and Dave's mom won't help us because he told her he quit instead of being let go. I understand why he did it, no one wants to say they were fired, but it's only made her mad at him thinking he's irresponsible and all that. *SIGH* If he had told her the truth she might be more sympathetic to our situation but instead she just blames him for it.

And on top of it all, I am still going forward with my wedding...it's included in my budget...once my dress is paid for I will have more money to work with. I know it sounds stupid to do this but...I already had deposits down...I would lose a chunk of money if I didn't.

This is my life atm, if Dave could only get a job...ANY JOB...we would be fine...maybe even happy again...I miss being happy =(.


From: [identity profile] jennygeee.livejournal.com

I'm glad you're going ahead with the wedding - at least it's something to look forward to and enjoy.

Big hugs to you across the ocean



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