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( Mar. 25th, 2009 07:24 pm)
So apparently "daily posts" don't work for me, so I will just do sorta daily posts lol!

Today I'm kinda in shock that JDM has a 4 year old little boy he had no idea existed...that isn't cool, I'm sure she had her reasons not to tell him but he deserved to know. And of course Jeffery wants to be a part of his life now...I'm happy that he does, he's a good man. *Squishes*

Why do I have no will power?! >.<
Peanut butter M&M's will be the fucking death of me!

Oh and two of the best guys (J2 and others) are in a band stories I have ever read...

tempestquill~Rockstar Verse   &   thenyxie~Beautiful Disaster

If you haven't read them, you need to like immediately!!! That is of course if RPS AU is your thing.


Later guys!


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( Mar. 22nd, 2009 07:06 pm)

Today has been a rather boring day, my fiancee and I went shopping for a new coat for him...omg I had no idea that men could be that indecisive about clothing!!! Seriously I was so losing my patience. But the end result was he got a very nice jacket and we got to go out for lunch at Red Robin \o/ YUM! However after lunch my cramps came back with a vengeance, so I bought the Twilight DVD at HMV and we headed home so I could get reacquainted with my heating pad...some days being a girl sucks! =(


*is watching Twilight*


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( Mar. 21st, 2009 07:42 am)
Today sucks and it hasn't even started yet...=(
I woke up with cramps (cramps that are apparently trying to rip my uterus open!) and really wanted to call in sick but with my fiancee in school I have no choice but to go to work and suffer. Sorry this post is I read that stupid blind item that everyone is freaking out about which has the rumor the boys broke up and Jensen is moving out...In my pink glitter cloud world of tinhats that will never ever happen! I know it's a rumor though and not true but still...sad.



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( Mar. 20th, 2009 07:36 am)
It is 7:37 in the morning...omfg I am so tired!!! I stayed awake an hour too long last night reading...Eclipse...what! Do not judge me! I know some fan fic writers that are way better writers than her but it's not a bad story. Anyways I really need coffee this morning but I am allergic to caffeine...=(

Ok so Supernatural last night...was like OMFG awesome....well painful but awesome....and does anyone else out there want to smack Sam repeatedly across the back of the head? yes/no/just me? But my biggest squee ever was that they both said my name!!!!!!!! Technically they were talking about Cheyenne, Wyoming but still! I know what my name sounds like on their lips! *dance* I didn't put this under a cut because it honestly tells you nothing other than Sam is annoying me and they said Cheyenne.

Ok, icons then something to eat before I go to work...I obviously can't just post one...geez...


Later guys!

*Spoilers in comments.*



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