Title: Whiskey Dream House Chapter 1/? {working title}
Author: [personal profile] smeared_kohl 
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, possible vague Jensen/omc's
Rating/Warning: A little R/NC-17 business going on.
Summary: Jared has too much money for his own good and becomes a bit obsessed with his new doll.
Word Count: 2,943
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge none of this is real, I own nothing, Joss Whedon created the Dollhouse, I'm just playing in it.
Beta: [profile] the_trufax   Thank you! You have no idea how much hand holding you are in for! LOL! Any mistakes left are my own.

Whiskey doll comes with all you see here, from the Dollhouse...
smeared_kohl: (texas)
( May. 5th, 2009 11:56 am)
The first chapter of my  Dollhouse!J2 fic will be up later this afternoon, once my beta is done with it and I fix what he tells me too! LOL!

Oh! And here's something that pissed me off! Yesterday at work this guy came in to get his hair cut (I didn't cut it another girl did.), and he had just gotten back from MEXICO the night before, and his work wouldn't let him come in for a few days in case he was sick, but by all means come infect the rest of us because you don't have enough sense to stay home! Grrrrrrrrr! People piss me off! I know he may not be sick but GEEZ! 


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